03/30/2018 in ProductionSeriesShort Filmvisual

Short Film/ Web SERIE by Christian Reverchon

Originally “Hope

War Drama in Pre-production starting in November 2019


Under an apocalyptic sky the valley is not what it was, everything is dark, everything is destruction. In the distance the sky is on fire, the loud sound of the helicopters mix with emergency sirens.

Far from the city, in the quiet little town that was his whole life, nothing remains but scrap metal and burnt bricks. Smoke and lightning make the atmosphere almost unbearable. The wanderer amongst the twisted beams of demolished houses is trying to find what might be his, what he might find when actually nothing else exists for him.

In one part of the house where the roof was damaged and where the walls may fall at any moment, the man has built a place to remember. Besides a dislocated couch, a wood frame with broken glass resting on a metal box reveals a half burnt picture.

The man who hides his face with a scarf because of the unbreathable air sits on what remains of the couch, he contemplates an automatic pistol that he had found in the rubble of his neighbour’s house, a click is heard.

The man remembers the last moments of the previous morning.

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