03/30/2018 in ProductionSeriesShort Filmvisual

A Short Film_ 3 part Series by Christian Reverchon

Thriller in Pre-production starting in June 2019


Under a very bright full moon, the car drives on a very snaky road… In the distance we can see the first light of the house… In the car the music is very high and the girl who drives begins to wonder if she did not make an error in taking this babysitting job…. Her mobile phone rings, she takes it to answer…


“Hello Love” did you arrive ?..


No.. SAM !… It has been a long trip and I wonder where I am… Actually I am very afraid… and the house is completely in the depths of a forest…I would have preferred you to be with me…

In the mirror we can see LUCINDA’s worried face.

What is going to happen NEXT ?……

LUCINDA will have 2 options to save herself from Hell… Running or Fight… She will take all of them but at what price!….

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