ADVENTURE DOCUMENTARY   Yangon_ The Shwedagon Pagoda   A Film by Christian Reverchon ©2018 - ImagineFX Studio   According to local legend, the Shwedagon Pagoda was built during the time of the Buddha and the area around the pagoda, modern Yangon has been settled since then. Whatever the truth of the legend, it is certain [...]

10/02/2018 in Documentaryvisual

  ADVENTURE DOCUMENTARY From the beautiful South island to the North island the camera was rolling. • Creative Director : Christian Reverchon This documentary was shoot with Sony Cameras. Production tools used: • Adobe After Effects – Commotion Pro • Final Cut Pro Studio 2 • Music by SmartSound Royalty Free Music. ©2018 – ImagineFX Studio ©2018 – […]


A Short Film_ 3 part Series by Christian Reverchon Thriller in Pre-production starting in June 2019 ABOUT: Under a very bright full moon, the car drives on a very snaky road… In the distance we can see the first light of the house… In the car the music is very high and the girl who drives begins to wonder […]


A Short Film/ Web SERIE by Christian Reverchon Originally “Hope“ War Drama in Pre-production starting in November 2019 ABOUT Under an apocalyptic sky the valley is not what it was, everything is dark, everything is destruction. In the distance the sky is on fire, the loud sound of the helicopters mix with emergency sirens. Far from the city, […]


  ADVENTURE DOCUMENTARY From island to island in the Pacific ocean the camera was rolling. • Creative Director : Christian Reverchon Production tools used: • Adobe After Effects – Commotion Pro • Final Cut Pro Studio 2 • Music from various artist & • from SmartSound Royalty Free Music. This documentary was shoot with the […]


  ADVENTURE DOCUMENTARY Traveling on the ship The Gauguin in the French Polynesia A Film by Christian Reverchon Bora Bora – Huahine – Papeete French Polynesia (Polynésie française) is a set of islands that is an overseas country attached to France. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, it is halfway between California and Australia. Tahiti and its islands […]